Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pastor Jacob--Photography--and MORE! :)

Hey everyone!

According to my lovely Facebook Wedding Countdown: 163 days until I become Mrs. Sorbo!

I hope all of you in Arkansas are enjoying this CHILLY weather! (haha I certainly am not!)

Last week we asked Pastor Jacob Roach (the student pastor at my church) to be the officiant at our wedding. He has been such a special spiritual mentor for Rob and I and we couldn't think of anyone we'd rather have. He is so special to us, and to our relationship (he was one of the first ones to know we were dating!) We are humbled and blessed that he agreed.

Tonight we are going to brave the cold and travel to Rogers to meet with a potential wedding photographer-Phillip Thomas of Novo Studio. We think he might be the one that we are going with. Haha, I am going to be trucking along my huge wedding planning notebook and asking some of the TRAZILLION questions that it has for finding the right photographer.
*disclaimer* Hi, my name is Lindsay and i'm a planner-aholic

Engagement pictures should be arriving any day. I am excited to see them.

Overall, I am just thrilled that I get to marry the love of my life. I have so much anticipation and excitement for spending my life with Rob. It's like I am a kid waiting for Christmas day! How special it is to have been blessed with love for a lifetime.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lots of stuff got done today

Hey all, Rob here...the groom to be. Today was a busy, busy day and its really nice to be able to sit down and just chill with Lindsay.

First off we took engagement pictures with Katie Baskins. Basically we walked around downtown Siloam for about an hour today and just took some pictures anytime we saw a cool background. We can't wait to see our pictures and we'll definitely post some on here when they're ready!

We had about an hour to rest at this point, so we ate a quick lunch and jumped in the car heading to Fayetteville. We drove to Rick's bakery (no, not Dr. Froman, a different Rick) and talked to their cake consultant. We pretty much settled on a cake design and flavor...but you'll have to come to the wedding to taste and see. We even got a few pieces of free cake out of the deal!!

The last task for the day was to start registering for gifts. Our first stop was Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We were there for quite a while, and it was dinner time when we finished up, so we stopped for a quick meal at Taco Bueno. Our next stop was Target and we finished the night out at good ol' Wal-Mart. We had a really fun time doing this. We scanned a couple things that made us just stop and laugh and say "man, no one is gonna pay this much!"...but most of the stuff is pretty reasonable.

Keep checking this blog for updates and also you can stop by our Knot site. You can RSVP and leave us messages on our guest book. Oh, and also, if you haven't yet, send us your mailing address so we can mail you an invitation!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am the soon-to-be Mrs. Sorbo!

Well, I thought I should start a blog to celebrate and keep everyone updated on Rob and I's journey to tying the knot! :)

Some wedding stats:
Today marks 173 days until we are married. It's just a little under 6 months away! Saturday marks exactly one month since we've been engaged, and boy has it been a busy month!

We already have the following done:

1. We have scheduled an engagement photo session with Katie Baskins for this Saturday the 6th.(she's an awesome photographer! You can check out some of her photography at I am excited!

2. We already have a mock-up for our save-the-date cards (which my wonderful mother has designed) which we will be sending out as soon as we can put an engagement photo in it.

3. We have scheduled appointments with a photographer (December 11th) and a baker (This Saturday the 6th). The photographer is Phillip Thomas of I love his style and he is in our price range! The baker is Rick's Bakery in Fayetteville of . We have an appointment to test cake flavors and talk about pricing (which I believe is pretty reasonable). Yay! :)

4. I have scheduled an appointment on Saturday, December 13th with David's Bridal in Fayetteville to try on dresses! I am so excited!

5. I have gathered several pictures of ideas for the wedding and know that my colors will be teal and silver!

6. My sweet family and my new family have been so supportive in this whole process and have volunteered to do several things!

7. We have made a wedding website at the knot:
That website tells you all the specifics and our stories :)

Overall, I feel like we have achieved a lot in a short time. There's nothing more wonderful than being engaged to someone that God has given to you. It's a joy, and I can't wait to be Mrs. Sorbo!